Anthony Mfg. Co. 

Streator, Ill

1935 Prototype Motorbike

Thanks to Randy Ressell


A very rare prototype motorized bike built in 1935 by the Anthony Mfg. Co. in Streator Ill. Only 2 prototype bikes were produced, one man's and one woman's. Only the man's bike has survived, and Randy Ressell owns it unrestored.

The bike does run and I cruise it around antique bike meets, etc.


 A bit more info, the motor which powers this bike was manufactured by the British "Cyc-Auto" Company from 1934 to 1936. It is a 98cc 2 stroke and it has a worm drive gear box driven through the pedal cranks.


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Note: The Anthony Mfg. Co. has been manufacturing truck dump beds since the early 1900's and supplied the Ford Motor Co. and GMC with many types of truck beds in the for the Model T and Model A Trucks. They are still in business today and sell lift gates for trucks (among other products).


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Randy Ressell's Anthony

Taken at the Vintage Bike O. C. meet,  June of 2008


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