1936 Evinrude SPEED BIKE Motorbike


Ultra Rare !!! This Evinrude bolt on "Speed bike" kit was only offered in 1936-1937. Made in Milwaukee Wis. USA !! The grandfather of the Whizzer and many others after it. The two stroke motor still retains the original decals, instruction tag, number tag.... all in good condition. Motor runs great !!The linkage is also original. This kit was installed on a 1930's Schwinn skip link bike a long time ago. (the headstock says Schwinn). The Sotheby's Motorcycles and Bicycles catalog Sept. 2001 lists a 1930's Evinrude bicycle at $15,000-$20,000... stating this company known for producing outboard motors quickly withdrew from this market. less then fifteen (bicycles) are known to exist. Chances are, you may never see another Evinrude Speed Bike again, very few exist.


By Dick DeBuse


Evinrude SpeedBike Evinrude SpeedBike

 Evinrude SpeedBike Evinrude SpeedBike Evinrude SpeedBike

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Evinrude motor

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