Johnson Motor Wheel

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US Patents for the Johnson Motor Wheel

US1257711A1  &  US1257712A1

Thanks to Joost Heesakkers in the Netherlands


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Johnson Water Cooled Motor Wheel

Restored by Dave Bagne


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I Took the challenge to make a water cooled Johnson Motor Wheel. All there engines prior to 1922 were the air cooled. The Johnson Bros  started to produce & sell there outboards in 1922. I choose to use a 1929 which is a 3 HP In the A  45 series. The engines really stayed with the same designs being the cylinders were in line & the rods were offset to match the crank journals. Runs very well & pretty sure I have the only one that is Water cooled. The bike is a original 1920s rollfast. the headlight has the logo embossed in the lens but hard to make it out.

Dave Bagne Hutchinson Minn.


Watch this 1922 Motor Wheel Start and Run.

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1920 Johnson Motor Wheel Fully Restored


1922 Johnson Motor Wheel

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I just bought this original 1922 Johnson Motor Wheel. 

The person I bought this from said he picked it from an old Harley dealer. 

Runs great after installing new rings & coil

Dave Bagne Hutchinson Minn.


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1919  Johnson Motor Wheel

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Here is my 1919  Johnson Motor Wheel after finishing the restoration. 

Many thanks to Dave Bagne and Jeff Wilson. 

Without their help it wouldn't be here. They are true craftsmen. 

John Stansbury


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1921 Motor Wheel


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I was the lucky winner of a Johnson Motor Wheel on eBay two months ago. It is totally complete an original down to the period of the headlight which they did not make but was purchased from independent vendors at that time. Selling them as battery kits. I also have the original Manual which is a huge help in verifying items of there kit. The bike is also a Johnson but from what I was told Johnson Motor Wheel did not make the bike. Other information on this unique engine can be had through google.  The little twin 2 cycle runs perfect & very smooth. Sounds like a Maytag but runs better, especially when starting these little gems. The cylinders are in line so the con rods are offset. I have had copies made of many different parts of the Kit. The exact year is hard to determine but a good guess from the way the exhaust is made having that little 2" tube added on horizontally puts it at 1919 or1920. The bike has been painted & was originally black. The gas tank was originally black with gold decals on both side. Dave Bagne Hutchinson Minn.


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Bill McIsaac's Johnson Motor Wheel


Another Johnson Motor Wheel In the making

From Joost Heesakkers in the Netherlands

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Just purchased this one from England called a Economic. Basically the same as Johnson Motor wheel except for carb operation & rear engine support rods. Built under the License in Great Britain as the Economic by Victor Motors Eynsford, Kent, Marketed BY Economic Motors L.T.D. I doubt there is another of these in existence except of course for  Johnson Motor wheel. This one will not be restored & it  does run.

Dave Bagne Hutchinson Minn.

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