From the 1900's to 1960's


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1900 Thomas

One of the first American motor bicycles made by the E. R. THOMAS MOTOR CO.

Buffalo, N.Y. THOMAS AIR COOLED MOTORS... 1 1/2 HP weight 22lbs were

suitable for bicycles. Thomas was the father of the American built "motorbike".

By the late 1890s gasoline engines had been in limited commercial use for years

& Thomas started putting them to good use. 



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This is a 1904 "Clement" motorcycle/motorbike. Similar to

the Whizzer, Clements were "clip-on" engines designed to fit

on bicycles. The bicycle here is a 1897 Pneumatic Tire Safety

Humber, built in Westborough Mass. It has 30" radial laced rims,

reproduction 30" tires. It is black with beautiful gold pinstripes

and beautiful details. Front and rear gas carbide lamps, original

cork grips, front spoon brake, large "block style" chain. The engine

is a 1904 French made Clement 4 cycle engine. The gas tank has

been reproduced from the original one. This motorcycle has won

many local awards and trophies including "Best Original Motorcycle"

in the "Concourse d'Elegance" show in Greenwich, CT.