Marman Twin

Whizzer was not the only producer of motor bikes. 

Marman also produced a bike engine. It was A two cylinder two cycle 

horizontally opposed engine. They had a little better top end than the Whizzer. 

The bikes were the same general configuration as the Whizzer. The engine was

mounted inside the frame and drove the rear wheel with a V belt.

Marman used a clutch rather than slip the belts as the Whizzer did.


Marman Co. Marman Co. Marman Co. Marman Co. Marman Co.

This is on the Marman Co. They latter sold out to the Jack & Heintz Co. and they made the Jack & Heintz Twin Bicycle Motor  as I was told. The Co. was called the Jack & Heintz Precision Industries, Inc  in Ohio.  They improve on engine by incorporating two compression release in the heads the  valves where activated by a two cam lever and pulled by a cable up  to the left hand twist grip. The next improvement was two twist grips as opposed to Marman using a thumb lever. Left   for comp and right hand for throttle. Next was the carb which was changed from Tiltiston to Carter. Coil was also changed from a bakelite covered shell two an open varnished coil winding style which gave huge problems. Neither of these two kits came with lighting. 

Dave Bagne


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Sold on eBay


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Marman Twin Artical 1949

By Dick DeBuse

This beautiful Marman was restored and owned by Ron Dow

Ron Dow's Marman Twin Ron Dow's Marman Twin Ron Dow's Marman Twin Ron Dow's Marman Twin

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Marman had trouble with their ignition coils so I put a 6volt lantern battery and

car coil in my glove box. J&H changed suppliers and the problem ceased. Great

controversy over the correct model # for the J&H carburetor. When they bought

Marman, they continued to use the Tillotson while the supply lasted, then switched

 to a Carter. Any chance you, or someone in your group knows the proper Carter number?



a pair of Marman Twin's


Don & his 47 Marman Twin Dons 47 Marman Twin Dons 47 Marman Twin

Photo taken in March 1947 in Berwyn, Illinois. I was 13. The Marman did not have an ignition switch. The engine was shut down by bringing it to idle and popping the clutch. I didn't like that setup so my dad showed me how to split the sparkplug wires & run them thru the toggle switch. Note on the right side of the bike above my knee there is a chrome cover for the ignition points. Right above that cover is a black bracket with a toggle switch. Once I left the bike at the dealer for service and he called me up a few hours later angry as hell because he couldn't get the bike started. I forgot to tell him about the switch! Note the straight handlebars that style was not very common. Don Dickey


More of the Marman Twin Engine

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