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Mono Cycle


1923 Roll-Away

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1923 Roll-Away 1923 Roll-Away 1923 Roll-Away 1923 Roll-Away

1923 Roll-Away


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Chicken-Power bike motor


Commando Bike Motor

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Commando Bike Motor Commando Bike Motor Commando Bike Motor Commando Bike Motor


Commando Bike Motor Commando Bike Motor commando_003.jpeg (162245 bytes) commando_004.jpeg (237640 bytes) commando_006.jpeg (201919 bytes)

1953 Articles

Commando Bike Motor


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K & S Bike Machine


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K&S Flyer

by K & S Industries, Fort Worth, Texas


1940 Reliance brochure 1940 Reliance brochure

1940 Reliance brochure


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Bumble-Bike 1.3hp Motor


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Scooto-Bike Conversion Unit, 1939


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Buzz Boy on eBay


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Fox Bicycle Motor

on eBay


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Erie Ad 1939

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1954 Wasp M-100


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Cepon Inc., Lighting Generator 1953


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TML Bike Engine Kit


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Pedal Power


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Simplex Bicycle (Whizzer motor ready)



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Motor_bike-clip_004.jpeg (103432 bytes)


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Orline Bike Motor


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Androck Bike Motor

Miscellaneous Clippings

by Dick DeBuse


Push-A-Bike Push-A-Bike Push-A-Bike



Left = unknown, center = Shaw, Right = Evenrude

Left = unknown, center = Shaw, Right = Evenrude


Cycle-Motor Cycle-Motor

Early Cycle-Motor at Davenport 2011



Cyclemaster Ltd Cyclemaster Logo cyclemaster_012.jpg (188571 bytes)cyclemaster_013.jpg (187022 bytes)

cyclemaster_003.jpg (124412 bytes) cyclemaster_004.jpg (395804 bytes) cyclemaster_005.jpg (303574 bytes) cyclemaster_007.jpg (318646 bytes)

cyclemaster_008.jpg (157784 bytes)  cyclemaster_009.jpg (167301 bytes) cyclemaster_010.jpg (138158 bytes) cyclemaster Motor


cyclemaster_014.JPG (213570 bytes) cyclemaster_015.JPG (230010 bytes)

Cyclemaster at a swapmeet in phoenix, AZ $750


Indian Bicycle

Cyclemaster on a Indian Bicycle


Nordap Hilfsmotor

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nordap_003.jpg (156236 bytes) nordap_004.jpg (164561 bytes) nordap_005.jpg (159843 bytes) nordap_006.jpg (157126 bytes)

nordap_007.jpg (156308 bytes) nordap_008.jpg (138622 bytes) nordap_009.jpg (161467 bytes) nordap_010.jpg (111613 bytes) nordap_011.jpg (135809 bytes)

1949 Nordap Hilfsmotor

This fascinating machine is one of the rarest and most sought-after German cyclemotor. It was not

 very successful in its day, and I suppose that has helped its legendary status. Unlike the much more

 famous rear-wheel-mounted Cyclemaster, the unique Nordap fits into the front wheel of a bicycle




Nordap Hilfsmotor

At VMBC Show 2012



Nordap Hilfsmotor at the Akron Swap Meet 2012.  

Owner said he bought it at a thrift store.  I especially liked the gas tank.  

Engine cover is on the floor behind the bike.  

Made by Velmo, a German company about 1951


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1916 Cyclemotor



ddb_076.jpg (139830 bytes)

1948 Pow-Wow

Bicycle Power Unit 


ddb_250.jpg (804117 bytes)

1946 Earnshaw article


ddb_280.jpeg (227850 bytes) Road Arro, 1947 Road Arro, 1947 Road Arro, 1947 ddb_066.jpg (87056 bytes)

1947 Earnshaw Road Arro bike motor

at CA Cushman Club, Anderson, CA 2010


Cox Bronco motor attachment Cox Bronco motor attachment November 1966

Cox Bronco motor attachment


Huffy Bicycle Bike-Bug engine Huffy with Bike-Bug engine

Huffy with Bike-Bug engine