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Speedibike Motor Speedibike Motor Speedibike Motor

Speedibike Motor


1947 Mohs King of the Road 1947 Mohs King of the Road  1947 Mohs King of the Road

At 13 feet long, it is the world's largest motor scooter.

1960 Mohs 1960 Mohs

1960 Mohs motor bike with West Bend engine, 

Made by Mohs Seaplane Co

1966 Mohs with Mercury Clutch

1966 Mohs with Mercury Clutch


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Rice Motor


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Buzz_Bee Buzz_Bee



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"Sears Free Spirit motor & Bicycle"

Beautiful 3 speed Schucks Kingston bicycle. The bike is about  

1965 vintage. The Sears motor is exactly like a "Bike Bug"


From the "What is it" page

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This looks like a vintage Road-master bicycle which has been equipped with the engine from a 70's or 80's AMF Roadmaster moped. This engine wasn't sold in kit form but has apparently been adapted to an older bicycle by someone handy. The engine itself is a 50cc roller drive unit built by Mcculloch.
Hope this helps,
Grey Luckett


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On your " Wanted " information page, at the bottom you have listed a " Rice " motor. It is hard to tell exactly from the pix, but I believe that to be an " Ohlsson & Rice." It looks to have been a homemade adoption to the bike. Many of these engines were sold to power different items.  I had a 1 HP Kit, called an Orline, & there are kits called ," Chicken Power." The pix you have looks to possible be a 3/4 hp. Most of these were painted red.

Steve Esteban


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1957 Raleigh with Trojan Mini Motor


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1930 Road Master with 66cc Motor


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Thanks to Dave Bagne


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Just finished  this 1952 Schwinn Panther with a 1954 Maw engine Kit from Germany. Technical data.  2 stoke 39.8 bore which makes it a 49 cc & about  1.3 HP, with  a 6 volt ac 3.1 watt  lighting system. This should be the only one in existence that is mounted on a USA Schwinn Bike. The Company, VEB Gauges & valves work KARL MARX / Magdeburg  Germany.

The bike was restored by the well known Evan Hatcher in Rockford, Minnesota

Thanks to Dave Bagne


1949 Vintage Trojan Motorbike 1949 Vintage Trojan Motorbike 1949 Vintage Trojan Motorbike 1949 Vintage Trojan Motorbike 1949 Vintage Trojan Motorbike

1949 Vintage Trojan Motorbike 1949 Vintage Trojan Motorbike 1949 Vintage Trojan Motorbike 1949 Vintage Trojan Motorbike 1949 Vintage Trojan Motorbike

I just purchased this nice 1949 Vintage Trojan Motorbike  from Bob Wardle in Canada. A little about  the  history of this Mini motor. After ww11, The factories in England  & the rest of Europe were pretty much bombed out or took some time to convert back to civilian production. Building new motorcycles was not a priority at the time. Everyone in the UK had a bike, so the Trojan Company in Croydon designed & marketed a motor you could put on your EXISTING bike, and then you had a motorbike! This motor is part of the early run in 1949. Bob  bought this bike at the age of 14 & now is in his 70s & thus the reason to sell. The bike is a CCM & used a Brass plate on all bikes prior to WW11. If you notice the high flare of the chain guard was to help prevent  the women's skirt from getting tangled in the chain. Engine also has its own 6 volt generator for lighting.

Dave Bagne


Simplex Bicycle Motor

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This is a 1920s Simplex not to be confused with the Simplex Company in Louisiana. This Company is in England. They did make automobiles for a short time. Pretty neat controls on this one. Throttle,   decompression & clutch in one lever. In that  cable the inner cable is used for the clutch & outer  shell is used for the decompression. I have the explanation in A U TUBE showing start up & run.

Thanks to Dave Bagne