Motor Master

1938 & 1939



1938 Motor Master


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Just acquired this Motor Master from a collector in Chicago. The Motor Master is one of rarest of the motor bikes. Only 4 known to be in the hands of collectors. They were built by the Roadmaster Bike Co better known as Cleveland welding in 1938 & 1939. The Company built high quality bikes before 1938 and well after 1939. Engine is a 1.4 HP 2 cycle Evenrude with direct drive to the rear wheel. The unique thing about this engine is the current used for lighting which is taken from the ign coil by using two sets of points. The bike is a 24" with a Springer truss rods & front wheel heavy duty brake by New Departure. Throttle lever serves as a stop & decompression for starting. Paint for the 1939 which I have only came in black & cream & is called a model 5226. Not sure what the bike color was in 1938. A friend of mine in Kansas just acquired one these & thinks his might be a 1938. Not sure I will restore this. The engine runs well  having a carb that uses  a Main & idle jet.   

Dave Bagne Hutchinson Minn



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Here is my 1938 Motor Master.I finally got it finished. They are very rare. There are only 6 of them known. The serial number on mine is very low. It was the 25th one built. They came in two colors. They were black and cream and maroon and cream. They were only built in 1938 and 1939.They were the only motorbike built with the bike tank being used for the gas tank. All other motor bikes had the gas tank added on. They were on a 24 inch Roadmaster chassis. They used Evenrude single cylinder motors. The standard one had a truss rod front fork, while the deluxe model had a Springer front fork and a New Departure front brake. This particular one had been hanging in a barn in the Boston area for over 50 years. It had not been altered in any way. I could not have completed this bike without the help of Dave Bagne for the rebuilding of the motor, Jeff Wilson for the paint work, and last but not certainly least Bill Salsbury who provided some critical motor parts. These guys are the best. Thanks, John Stansbury

Joe Rapoza's original Motor Master


 1939 Motormaster

1939 Motormaster