Saginaw Products Corp.

Saginaw Michigan


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1940 Powerbike Continental

By Dick DeBuse


Dave Bagne's Collection powerbike_002.jpg (68716 bytes) powerbike_003.jpg (73754 bytes) powerbike_004.jpg (40635 bytes) Powerbike

Not a whole lot known about these. They did use two manufactures of engines. One from Briggs model NP with a different lever operated kick start. &  a Continental AA7 kick start. Both  engines used a ign key operated switch. External Battery was used for lighting which was housed in a container and in most cases the cover was missing when one of these power bikes where found.  


Powerbike's at the Mid America auction Powerbike's at the Mid America auction

Powerbike's at the Mid America auction

Dave Bagne Hutchinson Minn


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1948 Powerbike

When I got the Powerbike it had never been attached to a bike. All the parts were in paper envelopes sealed. Everything was there. I do not think the fellow who bought it in 1948 ever started it. No gas was ever in the tank. All the parts to the 1948 Western Flyer are new from a box. The Speedo, front wheel brake, hub caps, headlight, and Western Flyer pedals. I rechromed everything and painted everything original colors. The tire is an original B.F. Goodrich. The seat has original covering. I shot ether in the carb and it fired on the second kick. It's an amazing piece. 

Jeffrey Slobodian Ojai, Calif.


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VMBC 2012 Show

By Dick DeBuse


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1946 Saginaw Power Bike on a Roadmaster


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Here's a few pics of a Saginaw I just restored

Ted Lusher,  California


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