Shaw Motorbicycle

Shaw Mfg. Co. Galesburg, Kansas


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1913 Shaw ad


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1922 Shaw Motor Attachment


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By Dave Bagne


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Shaw Motor Bicycle's



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Here is my experience with building my 1912 Shaw. I bought the bike & engine from a well known engine rebuilder  Hal MEYERS that specialized in the 1930s Cadillac engines. His   YOUTUBE   is  listed  under 1909 Shaw Motorcycle. I liked his front end which I was told was copied after a Peerless cycle or bike. I designed mine after his. I was also told from the info that is available for the year  manufactured of the  Shaw comes  from the serial number on the engine & is the first two  numbers in the listed number. John Hasty which I would call the GURU of the Shaw's & owns the Shaw building where they were built  gave me   a huge amount of info plus a large inventory of parts. The engine which has a atmospheric intake always presents a problem of carbaration. With my year 1912, my intake  manifold has  a manual  butterfly operated by the twist grip. The problem comes   from having the atmospheric valve & using a simple gas  carb    with a needle valve controlled fuel inlet  which also has the atmospheric check valve. Trying to get that  amount of air to gas mixture is almost  impossible but works well under engine load .Another  carb  used were the Scheblers with the use of them they was no need for a butterfly in the intake & did seem to work better but expensive. The next  very hard part to obtain  came from Noah Stuzman who built the wood rims, can't say enough about this excellent craftsman. The wood rims he built have a metal rim he installed to except the modern type tire 700. The Sheave came from another well known craftsman Tom Babbage who builds the sheave & the stand offs. I had John Hasty install the spokes & sheave, which is one tuff job & I doubt John will ever do another. The wood grips I bought on market & remolded   them to fit the metal part  grips John had casted for me. The seat is all original & will be left that way which looks like new old shelf wear. Engine I rebuilt using new rings. output shaft & timing gears. Ign coil is a rare Atwater Kent 6 volt which  is  only  1 1/4 in dia & fits in the 3" canister well. The tool   box  is where I keep the sealed wet cell 6 volt battery. Another special thank  to John Stansbury & Dave Nash for parts & special advice. All in all from what I found in the Shaws,there doesn't seem to be a real true std. to gauge or follow in order to have an original but it is fun to build & not cheap

By Dave Bagne


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1913 Shaw Model B with up graded fuel tank. 

The Model B typically use the round tank in there kit. 

Frame is an early teens known as a tall man twin bar

This is my second one, restored in 2002.


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Dave Bagne


1915 Shaw H-22

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2016 Restored by Dave Bagne


1916 Shaw H-22

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99 years later, June 15, 2015 Restored by Dave Bagne


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1913 Shaw 150cc