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1915 Smith Motor Wheel

Some of the earliest motorcycles were made by fitting gasoline engines to modified bicycles. When motorcycles became successful, but expensive, fitting inexpensive engines to bicycles became popular. The Smith Motor Wheel was one of these. It was fitted alongside the rear wheel, started, lowered to the ground, and away you went. Over 60,000 were sold in the U.S. before the company was sold to Briggs & Stratton, which continued its production.
Specifications: single-cylinder, air-cooled; 1 hp. Price new $60.


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1920 Brigs & Stratton Scooter

1 Year only, Motorwheel powered.

For information on this scooter email Jerry Perkins


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Smith Motor Wheel powered wheel chair 1924


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Brigs Sold on eBay


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Smith Decal

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 Model A

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 B left, C right

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 Model BA


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Briggs Midgetmobile

By Dick DeBuse


After Brigs & Stratton purchased the Smith  Motor Wheel


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1919 Brigs-Stratton Motor Wheel


1920 Brigs-Stratton Motor Wheel 1920 Brigs-Stratton Motor Wheel 1920 Brigs-Stratton Motor Wheel 1920 Brigs-Stratton Motor Wheel

1920 Brigs-Stratton Motor Wheel


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smith smith smith


The company introduces the Smith Motor Wheel, a gasoline-powered device for bicycles. Later brought out the Smith Flyer, billed as the world's first “Sports Car.” The company eventually sold this technology to Briggs & Stratton Company of Milwaukee


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The Smith Flyer was introduced to the Hall of Fame


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Flyer specs: Engine Briggs 2 HP  .  2 1/2"   Bore.  Stroke 2 1/2". Wheel base length 62". 

Overall length with motor attached 98" Tread 30"  speed is 4 mph to 25 mph  0 to 25 mph  5 seconds.

I Finished the 1920 Briggs Flyer after working on & off for a year. It really is not an easy task especially when it   comes to finding the missing parts. I originally bought this flyer in parts that consisted of front & rear axle, bucket seats main wood  frame, steering wheel frame, steering shaft, steering support & engine lift lever from Wayne Laughman who is an avid collector of these units along with Motorbikes & scooters. When it came to the person with knowledge, detailing, parts, & along with  technical assistance & prints. It was Mr. Tom Marshall that was the main man. There is not  much that this fellow does not know about  Smith & Briggs Motor wheels. A special thanks to Tom M.  

Dave Bagne Hutchinson MI


Briggs Red Bug flyer

This a friend of mine in Norway. Tommy Anne & Helene the girl that is sitting in the Briggs Red Bug flyer. The only one in Norway. Helene there daughter has grown to love this Red Bug for the last few years. They have been trying to title this. Tommy also has a Briggs or Smith Motor-wheel that is titled mounted on a newer Schwinn bike. Tommy just emailed me that the there King was here in Minnesota visiting & Tommy & Helene are taking the Bug out for a ride while the King is away.

Dave Bagne

Helene Moe is our granddaughter. Helene having her 10th birthday 04.11-11

The motor wheel on the bicycle is a B&S 1919 Imported to Norway when it was

new. D-106 It has never been opened for repair It is a street legal cycle with License

plate C-1920 I take a trip with it every week in the summer.

Tommy Kristiansen Norway


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Helene Moe's Smith Motor-Wheel Helene Moe

Helene Moe's Smith Motor-Wheel