Harvard Cycle Company, Hartford, Connecticut


The motorbike is named after the maker of the motor, the Steffey Manufacturing Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which produced engines during the early 1900's. The motor is mounted to the frame of an 1897 Hartford bicycle, built by the Harvard Cycle Company in Hartford, Connecticut. The drive system consists of a large pulley mounted to the rear wheel, connected to the engine by a leather belt.


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Beautifully restored by Dave Bagne

The  crankcase is  gray color on all Steffeys the jug is black & the color is original. I found this in Davenport Iowa last year. Have looked over 30 years for one of these. Built in 1901 - 1904 to be used as a bike kit ad on. Because of the unusual height of these engines it is difficult to find a in the teens twin bar bike. Very limited history 


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1901 Steffey motorbike. It is totally original.

It was found in a barn in Canada about six months ago. It has not been altered
in any way. It is the only original Steffey in existence. It is in running
condition and could be driven if desired. It has the original tires that
still hold air. The pedals and grips are also original. It has a fantastic
Splitorf porcelain spark plug that is beautiful in itself. The original wood
rims are also very nice. Steffey only made these for four years. There is not
much known about these motorbikes. There are five or six out there but this is
the only original as far as I know. If anyone has any information about these
bikes I would love to hear from you. Thanks,
John Stansbury


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