Whizzer built in Europe Whizzer built in Europe Whizzer built in Europe 

Whizzers built in Europe


Whizzer/Schwinn Wasp

Whizzer / Schwinn Wasp At the Mid America auction

By Dick DeBuse


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Here's my latest (2014) restoration of a badly rusted 1950 Whizzer Sportsman. This one has the automatic clutch and front and rear brakes. Re-build and painting by myself. Seat upholstery by Heathers Leathers and Chrome done by Courtesy Polishing. Probably my last one. Getting too old to kick start these things any more. 


1951 Sportsman 1951 Sportsman

Hi. Here's another Whizzer i just finished restoring. Its a 1951 Sportsman that's completely redone. All work by myself except chroming and reupholstering the seat. Converted to flywheel ignition so it starts and runs great. Also has a 12 volt battery system for the lights mounted on the original battery mount.

George Stratton Bartlett, ILL


1949 Whizzer Sportsman

Telescopic Forks whizsm_01.jpg (40865 bytes) whizsm_02.jpg (32258 bytes) whizsm_03.jpg (19420 bytes)

 whizsm_05.jpg (46184 bytes) Foot Pegs Kick Starter

This Sportsman model has Telescopic Forks, rear Drum Brake,

 Foot pegs (no pedals, no chain) and a Kick Starter.


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1949 Whizzer Sportsman I built from a rusty frame

Bill Via --Beckley WV


1911 Indian/Whizzer 1911 Indian/Whizzer

It is a 1911 Indian that lost it's original motor somewhere along the line. A Whizzer "J" series motor and system was installed in 1940's?  Has original Brooks seat and original 6 volt lightning system and a Klaxton manual push horn. Great running bike which actually performs better then the original Indian single did.

Thanks to Wyatt Empey So Cal.


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Me with my Whizzer Sportsman in 1950 at age 15.
Bob Stine


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Here's a Whizzer/Monark, my latest project. Iv'e owned the pre-war framed monark bike since it was new in 1945 and decided last year to add the 1948 J engine. All work by myself except the re-chroming and red pin stripes. Runs like a new bike. George Stratton


Whizzer Wasp Whizzer Bager

Thanks to Mickeybike.com


This 2002 Whizzer Pacemaker II

was for sale on Craigslist.

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And I bought it