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Whizzer Truck by Schwinn

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Whizzer Trike

Whizzer Trike Thanks to Dick DeBuse


Some nice Whizzer specimens.


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Saw this very unusual and sophisticated example of craftsmanship based upon a modified Whizzer engine. It was in a general display of Whizzers, as a special display group, at a '40 Ford car meet last June. The man who built it stated that it weighed 68 lbs., that the engine was significantly modified to produce a measured (approximately) 10 HP, and that the achievable top speed was in the region of 70 MPH.If you look carefully at the pictures, you'll conclude that every part of the machine is special - exotic lightweight materials used everywhere, a lot of CNC machining, with overall design and construction efforts well above the original-type Whizzer/bicycle examples we've all been accustomed to seeing. As to the stated weight, I observed the man simply lift the entire machine and easily place it in the bed of a pickup - by himself - with no particular effort at all. 

Thanks to Larry Corbell


Vertical Twin Vertical Twin


Side by Side Vertical Twin


 V Twin V Twin V Twin engine

V Twin


Overhead Valves Overhead Valves Overhead Valves Overhead Valves

Overhead Valves


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See more of this 70 MPH OHV Whizzer


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Whizzer board track racer


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Donald Duck Whizzer

ebay12w.jpg (24686 bytes) 1947 with H motor 1947 with H motor 

New 1999 1950 Sportsman whizzred.jpg (74068 bytes)

whizzer6.jpg (20488 bytes) ebayw1.jpg (59164 bytes)  Ron Dow's Whizzer


1946 1946 1946 1946

1046 1947 1947 1047

1947 1947 1949 model J

Dave Theriault, 1947 "H" Dave Theriault, 1947 "H" Dave Theriault, 1947 "H"


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This Tandem was built in Europe by Whizzer.