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From Dave Bagne's collection


1950 Sportsman 1950 Sportsman whizsm_14.jpg (93700 bytes) 1950 Sportsman  

1950 Sportsman 1950 Sportsman 1950 Sportsman

1950 Sportsman with a original seat skirt.

Dave W. Bagne Hutchinson Minn


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S-10 Whizzer. Shots where taken before I added the dual exhaust.

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After Duel exhaust  Dave Bagne



A nice original bare bones 1951 Whizzer Sportsman. 

I am the 3rd owner since new. 

Bought new in New York & it came with the 1951 original title. 

Runs as good as new. To nice to restore. Dave Bagne


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Two other gentleman & I  purchased these three Whizzer Proto as I would like to call them  from some of the nicest most honest business like  people I have ever met through Email. Was a pleasure dealing with Armin, Eric & Marc, " the Brothers three" as Armin &  I would like to call them  & still refer to the Whizzers as the brothers. The total process of purchasing them has taken about three half  months to my door & well worth it. Now to the reason of the word proto Whizzers. When you look at the Luxemburg Germanys Factory and you will see the belt type drive system used in the years 1950 to 1951 +. These three have been fitted with the Albion two speed Transmission & thats where the changes where made. Albion transmissions never came with a pulley drive input that was in house factory made for adoption to the Whizzer engine drive pulley. & does cause some slippage for starting. The ratio of low to the rear is 24:1 High is 8.5:1 & probably not as fast, top end as the US  made Whizzers. The leather pouch under the seat was the battery for just the horn & lights. I have since change that to the generator for the head light & tail light, leaving the Battery for just the horn. Performance using  this type of drive is like running a Mustang but with a 3HP engine. Can actually spin the rear wheels in gravel when first starting out in low. I believe these are the only ones in existence. Belt covers where hand made. 

Now for the  history that came from  Armin. The truck transport enterprise had to transport these three Whizzers to Switzerland. That was probably in the year 1951. Our friends in the USA told us that they came from Luxembourg. While the motorcycles were on there way on to Switzerland, the enterprise who imported them got bankruptcy. The transport enterprise was here in Switzerland with the motorcycles, had paid the border-taxes and got no money. So they stored the bikes in the storage-rooms of a former coal-dealer which they had rented. For an unknown reason the owner of the truck-transport fell in love these Whizzers and did not sell them; until the evening in the monkey-cage. Perhaps one or two beers helped to decide. The Whizzers have never been registered and have never been in road-circulation.

I own Armins bike. Erics will go to Texas & the red or Marcs goes to Kansas.

Dave W. Bagne Hutchinson Minn